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You won't be tanning on a chaise longue sipping martinis. While you can just sit and relax and read, guests are encouraged to participate in all work. When the captain cries "Heave-ho! You can also help in the galley and man the helm. You'll be boating in Penobscot Bay, past islands crowned with pines and rimmed with granite.

Rarely will you see another boat this time of year, except for the lone lobsterman picking up his traps. There are more than 30 lighthouses in the windjammers' cruising grounds, including Pemaquid Point Light, showcased on the back of the Maine quarter, and Saddleback Ledge Light. The boats spend the night at anchor - anywhere from Boothbay Harbor to Bar Harbor - and at that time you may go ashore.

Longer trips may include a stop under the cliffs of Acadia National Park. Fortunately, the windjammers are known for their hearty meals cooked aboard and served family style. And if you're expecting Navy grub, you'll be surprised to know that windjammer food is so cherished that no less than six of the boats have already published their own cookbooks. Riggin , has been featured on the Today show. The fare includes seafood, chowders, salads, and fresh-baked breads.

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Many of the cruises feature a beach feast with all the steamed lobsters and corn on the cob you can eat. Captain Barry King of the Mary Day once had one young man eat 13 lobsters in one sitting. Talk about getting your money's worth! This north African country's sights include traditional musicians right. The country offers pristine beaches, Roman ruins, the Sahara Desert, mosques, Andalusian architecture, probably the oldest extant Jewish community in the world, sophisticated resorts, camel rides, jeep excursions, weavers, and traditional musicians.

And for one dollar you get 1. Tunis, the capital city, is a destination in itself or a great place to start a trip through Tunisia. Once you're in Tunis, you can easily get around the city by cab. To go elsewhere in the country, you may want to rent a car or, even better, a car with a driver. Visitors will witness a mind-bending melange of locals in djellabas and chechias traditional robes and round felt hats , teenagers in the latest Western gear, calls to prayer from the Great Mosque, people of every age on cellphones, ancient palaces that are now private residences, and the smell of fresh bread, spices, and honey-drenched pastries.

Until now, visitors could wander through the medina by day, but at night they had to taxi to hotels in the modern part of the city. Dar El Medina , www. The Belahouane family has transformed its 18th-century ancestral house into a room "hotel de charme" - a cozy historic inn with intricate plaster friezes, multihued tiles, antique carpets, winding staircases, and a cafe. Upon your arrival, one of the Belahouane brothers, Salah or Mustapha, will likely lead you into the intimate and ornate salon, telling you it used to be his parents' bedroom and pointing to where their bed stood.

And the heart of the medina is the souks, markets where glimmering gold and sparkling silver objets vie for your attention with ceramics, leathers, and mounds of spices. Rug mavens head for Ed Dar 8 Rue Sidi Ben Arous, , where the rooms of the old family house are stacked with hundreds of rugs. One of the three brothers will greet you warmly and offer you tea. Carpets will be rolled out before you by his assistant.

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If you express interest in a carpet from Kairouan or a tribal rug or a kilim, a round of low-key bargaining will begin. The brothers are known for their honesty and fair prices. For a few dollars, you can take a cab to some of the highlights of Tunis and its environs: the Bardo Museum with perhaps the finest Roman mosaics in the world , Sidi Bou Said a village with cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses dripping with purple bougainvillea, and trendy cafes , and the ruins of ancient Carthage. At Essaraya for reservations, www.

The menu offers fabulous concoctions with meat or seafood, including Tunisian specialties like brik egg in a fried pastry shell and tajines quiches ; desserts include sweet grain puddings and myriad pastries. The elegant Dar El Jeld for reservations, www. Fortunately, entrance fees to the area's state parks and national forest are low.

Sedona offers plenty to occupy families with children for a long weekend or more, and in one place you can experience the charm of the Old West, the new age, and the Native Americans who once peopled the area. In Phoenix, rent a car - it's an hour and a half or less to Sedona, depending on traffic.

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It's close enough to Oak Creek to hear the ducks splashing, and the kids can wade in the water. Less luxurious accommodations in Uptown Sedona can be found at the Matterhorn Inn , matterhorninn. More than wild animals live and roam over acres, and there are three touring options. If you go on a Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday, you can do all three. The Serengeti Safari tour takes you to a direct encounter with the hoofed animals of the African plains in a small, open Mercedes Unimog.

Expect to drive alongside wildebeest, zebra, and blesbok that graze and roam freely; a hungry giraffe may stick out its long tongue and will gladly eat biscuits from your hand.

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For the Wildlife Preserve tour, you board a tram or trolley that takes you into a world of tigers, lions, panthers, bears, hyenas, and wolves, where the large predators prowl and their eyes follow you around. The third tour is the Predator Feed, where you accompany burly workers as they hurl slabs of chicken, beef, and horse to the hungry beasts.

On each tour, the park's owners, who act as guides, dispense fascinating information about animal behavior and cater to children. They may invite your kids to inch up to a safe distance from the big cats. The Wildlife Park is a minute drive from Sedona. Sedona is also a magnet for spiritual seekers, and even if you're not a believer, it's worth checking out at least one such attraction.


The area's original inhabitants, the Sinagua Indians, regarded Sedona as a special place and reserved certain canyons for sacred ceremonies. Many residents and visitors believe you can still experience the energy that the Sinagua felt in so-called vortexes. For a native connection, take a short drive and an easy hike to the Honanki and Palatki ruins or visit V-Bar-V Ranch , redrockcountry.

Montezuma Well , nps. One of the finer ways to appreciate the reds, yellows, and oranges blanketing the hillsides is a fall drive, so you can pull over for a little hike in the mountains or a paddle on a pond. Maybe even check out a regional museum to learn a thing or two.

In New York's Adirondack North Country, 14 federal- and state-designated Scenic Byways traverse the region, offering more than enough road to see the sights or steer away from the leaf-peeping crowds. The Adirondacks is also a budget-conscious choice, a poor man's Vermont, where, instead of manicured village greens and white steeples, you encounter a rugged wilderness the size of Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Everglades national parks combined.

Pike and continue on Interstate 90 into New York. Near Albany, take Interstate north to I, known as the Northway. Continue on Route 30 to reach the St. Last, Route 73 east from Lake Placid will bring you to Keene, the gateway to the High Peaks region, where trailheads lead to the tallest mountains in the state. Continue on Route 73 to take you back to I After Columbus Day weekend, you can stay three nights for the price of two. The Timber Lodge on Tupper Lake , thetimberlodge.

Many hikers choose to stay at the Adirondak Loj , adk. It's not uncommon to run into "46ers" here, climbers who have bagged all 46 mountains over 4, feet in the Adirondacks. Enter the grounds on a hillside overlooking Blue Mountain Lake, and you can still find part of a log hotel built on this site in In the Boats Building, birch-bark canoes and guide boats dating to the s are on display.

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The guide boats are indigenous to the Adirondacks, designed for an environment of small ponds and narrow, winding creeks. On October 7 and 8, the museum is hosting the Adirondack Harvest Festival, complete with a demonstration of a century-old cider press, folk music, and hayrides. Viewing all those boats might give you the inspiration to ply the Adirondack waterways.

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North of Tupper Lake off Route 30, St. Regis Canoe Outfitters , canoeoutfitters. Even if you don't stay at the Adirondak Loj, take the hourlong climb from behind the cabin to the summit of Mount Jo. The trail snakes through a shaded forest of birch and pine trees before traversing boulders to reach the peak. The vista is your reward, with views of Mount Marcy 5, feet above and Heart Lake below.

Keene's Baxter Mountain Tavern is another popular local hangout. Some of the dishes are named after the owner's grandparents; try the Sheasby chicken, with a side of creamy garlic mashed potatoes. WHY IT'S A DEAL Nova Scotia boasts beautiful scenery year-round, but if you travel there now, you can take advantage of discounted off - season rates that are just kicking in and you will still miss the coldest weather. Temperatures in October are usually in the mids to 50s.

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  • In this case, the journey is half the fun. Not only do you get to drive through New England at its most beautiful, but the ferryboat feels like a cruise ship. Onboard is a casino, cafe, bar, sports-television room, movie lounges, lots of comfortable seating, and pursers who will fetch board games for you. Off -season rates begin Monday. Colorful homes hung with buoys dot the harbor, and the little shops beckon. If you're off the ferry early enough, make the three-hour drive to Halifax, a must-visit for travelers to Nova Scotia.

    Stay at the majestic The Lord Nelson , lordnelsonhotel. Next, drive up Route to the Trans-Canada Highway and Cape Breton, where the scenery is by turns pastoral and wild and craggy.

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    Even if you don't stay at the Keltic Lodge, consider visiting this gorgeous hole, par course designed in by the noted Stanley Thompson. At the Halifax Citadel , pc. At the waterfront's Maritime Museum of the Atlantic , museum. You probably know that Nova Scotia still thanks Boston for its aid by sending the city a giant holiday tree each year. In Cape Breton, take a drive along the Cabot Trail, surely one of the most scenic ribbons of highway in North America.

    Sheer cliff s reach to red-sand and clay beaches on one side, while green mountains fold into gulches on the other. Take a short hike through the old-growth forest of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park , pc. The Lone Shieling trail offers a half-mile loop through a forest of year-old sugar maples, passing a replica of a Scottish crofter's hut.