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Mao Tse-tung , Samuel B Griffith. Courier Corporation , 13 sept. The first documented, systematic study of guerrilla warfare, Mao Tse-tung's text remains the definitive guide to orchestrating revolution in developing countries. Based on Mao's own experiences in fighting Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists and his interpretations of the classic strategies of Sun-tzu, On Guerrilla Warfare outlines the tactics that have proven effective around the world, from Vietnamese jungles to Middle Eastern deserts. Prescient in his thinking and concise in his expression, Mao conceived of guerrilla operations as a complement to traditional warfare.

He explains why guerrilla activities should be integrated into conventional military procedures and discusses the organization and operation of guerrilla units.

By Robert Jervis. Intelligence for an age of terror. By Gregory Treverton.

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Aftermath: the Omagh bombing and the families' pursuit of justice. By Ruth Dudley Edwards. Governance, civil society and cultural politics The Muslim revolt: a journey through political Islam. By Roger Hardy. Global Salafism: Islam's new religious movement.

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Edited by Roel Meijer. Political Islam observed. Political economy, economics and development High financier: the lives and time of Siegmund Warburg. By Niall Ferguson. Too big to fail: inside the battle to save Wall Street. By Andrew Ross Sorkin. Capitalism 4. By Anatole Kaletsky. Crisis: cause, containment, and cure.

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By Thomas F. Energy, resources and environment Global politics of health. By Sara E. By David Milne. The Atlantic and its enemies: a personal history of the Cold War. By Norman Stone. Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. By Ang Cheng Guan. By Asle Toje. The paradoxical republic: Austria, — By Oliver Rathkolb. Russia and Eurasia Turkmenistan's foreign policy: positive neutrality and the consolidation of the Turkmen regime. By Steven Hurst. Crisis of authority: Iran's presidential election.

By Ali M. Abu Dhabi: oil and beyond. By Christopher M. Sub-Saharan Africa Somaliland: an African struggle for nationhood and international recognition. Zimbabwe: years of hope and despair. By Philip Barclay. The curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War. By Adekeye Adebajo. South Asia My life with the Taliban. India and Pakistan: continued conflict or cooperation? By Stanley Wolpert. Toughing it out in Afghanistan.

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Empires of mud: wars and warlords in Afghanistan. By Antonio Giustozzi. Inside nuclear South Asia. Edited by Scott D.

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East Asia and Pacific Mao's great famine: the history of China's most devastating catastrophe. North America Obama's wars: the inside story. By Bob Woodward. The bridge: the life and rise of Barack Obama. By David Remnick. The promise: President Obama, year one.

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By Jonathan Alter. Reading Obama: dreams, hope, and the American political tradition. By James T. Dominion from sea to sea: Pacific ascendancy and American power. By Bruce Cumings. American foreign policy. By Paul R.

On Guerrilla Warfare Dover Books on History, Political and Social Science

Latin America and Caribbean the year that inflamed the Caribbean. By Bernard Diederich. Venezuela's Chavismo and populism in comparative perspective. By Kirk A. By Leslie Gates. Blood and capital: the paramilitarization of Colombia. By Jasmin Hristov. Portrait of a nation: culture and progress in Ecuador.

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